Pánské oblečení

      • Strawberry Caramel Popcorn
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    • Delightful combination of classic caramel with aromatic strawberries.

      The popcorn is coated by our buttery caramel and carefully covered by dried strawberies. Result is intense strawberry flavor and red-brown texture.


      Nutrition declaration / 100 g.

      Energy: 2124 kj/543 kcal
      Fat: 23 g / of which saturates: 15 g
      Carbohydrate: 71 g / of which sugar: 39 g
      Protein: 3,6 g
      Salt: 0,71 g


      Available in 35g and 90g doypack bags with zipper and eurohole, in an attractive 250g tube, in red tin and in bulk bags.




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