• Apple & Cinnamon Popcorn
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  • Very rich and typical aroma of cinnamon is followed by fruity taste of apple and salted caramel.

    Our Apple & Cinnamon popcorn is covered by our fine caramel coating, next layer is created by lyophilized apple and completed with aromatic cinnamon.



    Nutrition declaration / 100 g.

    Energy: 2099 kj/501 kcal
    Fat: 23 g / of which saturates: 15 g
    Carbohydrate: 71 g / of which sugar: 40 g
    Protein: 3,2 g
    Salt: 0,75 g


    Available in 40g and 100g doypack bags with zipper and eurohole and in 250g tube. 

  • zigmundo doypack oct2019 apple 35 front 1080x1080
    zigmundo doypack oct2019 apple 35 front 1080x1080
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    zigmundo doypack oct2019 apple 35 back 1080x1080zigmundo doypack oct2019 apple 90 front 1080x1080zigmundo tubus oct2019 apple front 1080x1080
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